How To Have A Super Bowl Party In 5 Easy Steps

Today, is a Holiday for all football fans. Even if your team isn’t playing, you’ll be watching. Maybe you’ll be at a bar, enjoy the high priced parking and tight seats. Hopefully, you’re going to be in the comfort of someone’s living room or furnished basement. If you’re the guest, none of this applies. My […]

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Add To Cart; Why I Love Online Shopping

Anyone who really knows me, knows I hate the malls. I hate going shopping. I don’t like the hoopla centered around being out and impulse buying. I buy everything on-line, even the things they tell you not to like shoes and hair lol.  I never have to get up and look like anything to online shop. When you […]

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Videos of The Week: Melanie Fiona x Chris Brown

She’s so beautiful pregnant. I love it. I miss her voice, man. I loved all of her albums so far. The R&B singer is expecting her first child with boyfriend, American Idol alumni Jared Cotter. “The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose. The only thing greater, is being chosen. Thank You […]

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Christmas Gifts For The Recently Cuffed

You’ve been smashing since the summer, dating since the fall. She made your plate on Thanksgiving. He introduced you as his girlfriend…Now what? Christmas is right around the corner and while you guys might’ve exchanged “I love you’s” already, maybe, you’re not sure of what gifts to exchange. Hopefully I can help. MAKE IT PERSONAL […]

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9 Albums You Should Have Right Now

What’s life without music? GREAT music at that?? I’ve been on a serious R&B trip lately, stuck on my #1 pick Bryson Tiller’s TrapSoul. However, I’ve come across some other amazing albums that released recently. #1. Bryson Tiller Trapsoul October 2015 Tracks you might’ve heard: Don’t, Exchange  Best Line:”Lord please save her for me, do this one favor for me…” […]

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