True Life: I’m Obsessed With Hentai.


Is it too early for this post? Who cares, it’s my blog. I probably discovered porn when I was 11. I was at my aunt’s house in Georgia and my cousin showed me the “bad” channels. In her room, they were blocked, so all that showed were colorful stripes and every now and then, you got a glimpse of a nipple or the head of a d*ck. There was sound though, Lord knows you could certainly hear what was going on. I remember we snuck into her mom’s room when they were gone, to watch it for real because of course, the channels were unlocked in her parent’s room. My eyes got wide and my insides got all fuzzy. I never really had the sex talk with my Grandmother, I think she was embarrassed about it or something. But I was a very curious child. I would go to CVS and tear open the Playboy magazines just to get a quick glimpse. Once I stole the free DVD that came with Hustler, I took it home and was too afraid to watch it. I lost it actually… like the amateur I was. I just remembered I always liked sex, even long before I started having it.

Hentai. *sighs happily* Just… it and judge me later. But I’m not going to apologize for my obsession with Japanese cartoon-porn. It’s damn near rape and sometimes incest, but for whatever reason, it’s the only kind of porn that turns me on. (And no, I’m not pro either of those situations, that’s just what most of Hentai is.) Hentai is the most stimulating for me, outside of real life sex, and physically watching people have sex in front of me. Which I’ve done, but it’s kind of awkward when you make eye contact. Anyways, “regular” (human) porn doesn’t do it for me. The moans are rehearsed, the lines are cheesy, the p*ssy is never truly wet enough and the genuine sloppy head is usually gross and OD. (Gag on my C*ck, etc.) But I can’t take the mediocrity that is “regular porn” and it does NOTHING for me. I stumbled across hentai accidentally a few years back, it was just regular cartoon stuff. Like Marge Simpson and Ned Flanders porn. Marge’s bush was blue and Ned was hung like a horse. For whatever reason, the fantasy of cartoons, having filthy sex, excited me. Maybe because it was something so innocent, that had been shown in such a dark light. It felt taboo, it still does, I just am more comfortable with myself now so I can admit I watch and love it. LMFAO I feel like such a creep when I say that and if my future husband is reading this, listen…this is the one thing about myself that I’ll probably never compromise on. I’ll lie and sneak and watch hentai at work. So, just accept me and my weird fetish okay?

Like I said, hentai is borderline S&M, rape. But if you’ve read most of my posts, you’ll know already that I’m a woman who enjoys being sexually dominated so anything aggressive, is my thing. But anyways, the Japanese draw their men and women perfect. In regular porn, the chick might be ugly, with saggy boobs and pimples on her a*s, and a huge gap in her teeth. In Hentai? They have perfect cantaloupe breasts, no cellulite, no pimples, nothing. They draw out every detail, from the tears their eyes to the gooey cum that drips from their bodies. It’s incredible. They yell sh*t in Japanese the entire time, with closed caption in English. The men are always portrayed as evil, and usually crazy as hell. The women are helpless, vixens who end up liking whatever happens to them. I recently got into the cartoons, like comic book style porn. No movement, no sound. And you know what? It worked just as well. I was completely captivated. Of course I feel dirty afterwards, like anyone with a soul who watches porn, but I can’t stop. I mean, I can go months without watching porn or what comes with it, but it’s never on purpose. It’s usually because I’m getting too much real life sex and don’t have the energy. I’m not addicted or anything, it’s just a weird obsession. I’m not here to convince anyone to like it or try and convert the regular porn watchers, I guess I’m just running my mouth as usual.

But you know what else is cool about Hentai that you don’t see in regular porn? Sometimes it shows the internal view of a cream pie. INTERNAL. Okay I’m done.

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Shoutout To All The Pear; Start Eating Healthy Today!

Rick Ross’ interview as to how he eats healthy now makes me cry laughing every time I watch it. But he’s onto something. When we set health goals for ourselves, it’s always the bigger picture. “I need to lose 50lbs in 6 months.” Um, no. That’s the easiest way to discourage yourself and you either lose nothing or actually gain a few. It’s too much pressure. If you want to lose 50lbs, don’t give yourself a time frame. Just focus on losing. Or, eliminate the number on the scale altogether. Muscle weighs more than fat and as you work out and gain lean muscle, your weight will fluctuate. Someone who’s 130lbs with 15% body fat, looks completely different than the same 130lb person with 35% body fat. Focus on getting rid of fat and inches, not “weight”. Start small. Grab a piece of fruit, instead of a cookie when you want something sweet. When I have a sweet tooth, I cut an apple and dip it in nutella. I’ve found that nutella + almond butter on my apple transform it into a snickers. No joke. I tried it one day out of boredom and it tasted like a snickers. Don’t waltz into the kitchen thinking you’re going to wake up and automatically crave healthy food either. You won’t, so start small. Swap cooking oil for olive oil or even better, olive oil spray. Throw your salt out. Swap whole milk for soy or almond milk. Buy cheese with less fat. Throw away chips and stock up on almonds, pretzels and pita chips, when you crave something salty and crunchy. Swap your pork bacon and sausage for the turkey version. (I’ll do this with sausage but not with bacon. Dammit.) Throw away your sugar. Swap white bread, flour and rice for brown. There are so many ways to start eating healthy, you don’t have to wake up and say “I’m only going to eat celery and drink water.” You can enjoy your favorite foods, just find different ways to prepare them. If you love fried chicken, learn how to oven fry. Look on youtube for cooking tutorials and download apps on your phone. I like Fooducate and Lose It! With fooducate, you can literally scan the barcode of something in the store and it will grade it for you, and offer healthier alternatives. With Lose It!, you can keep track of your meals and exercise and it’ll also tell you how long it will take you to lose those 50 lbs. It will give you a daily caloric plan also. If you’re not a big gym rat, that’s okay too. I don’t go as often as I think I should but the key is to go. And when you’re not going, eat right and stay active. Start walking, ride a bike, take up a sport, go dancing. Just get moving. You’ll see a difference I promise you, I just found my ribs and I’ve never been more excited to see what else is hiding under there.

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What Happens When You Walk By Faith & Not By Sight? My New Family, Kontrol Magazine


This is big for me. No HUGE for me. Because people always told me what I COULDN’T do. I wrote down a goal, I told myself I was going to be writing for a magazine by December of this year. I told myself if I didn’t, I would go back to school. Or leave Atlanta. I stepped out on faith and simply asked one day on Instagram, “How do I get my writing samples to you? I would like to write for your publication.” I sent 3 of my blog posts from and received an email, setting up and interview within 2 days. 

Look at me, I’m a single mother, who dropped out of college 5 years ago. I started my blog on tumblr, with no web designer, nothing, and for free 3 years ago. I launched this year, with a couple hundred bucks for logo design and that’s it. I landed an internship at a big magazine, without being in college. Without a journalism degree. Without a clue on how I was going to get my foot in the door. Diddy started off as an intern, and well, google him. 

Anything is possible. Find your passion, find your purpose.

I’m blessed and grateful and you n*ggas better hope I stay humble. LOL

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.14.02 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.13.41 AM

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Remembering Oscar De La Renta

10735033_631040567008856_2010594163_n“You can’t go wrong with Oscar.” -First Lady, Michelle Obama

Dominican-Republic born fashion designer, Oscar De La Renta touched the spirits, and seams of many. He’s dressed every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy, celebrities favor his designs for red carpet events and he most recently designed the dress George Clooney’s wife wore at their wedding. He was loved, he was respected and he was cherished dearly. One of Oscar’s most famous quotes was “Walk like you’ve got three men walking behind you.” He was very big on making women feel beautiful and confident, and his designs did just that.

The cause of death is unknown as of now, however Oscar was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. He was said to be healthy and cancer-free just last year. Last week, his company appointed Peter Copping as the creative director. The fashion world mourns the loss of an icon, to say the least. Oscar leaves behind his second wife, Annette Reed and a son.


“We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life.” -Oscar De La Renta

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Keep Mitch, I’ll Take Ace; The Appeal Of The “Ugly-Fine”


If you watched Paid In Full the first time and wondered how the hell did funny looking Ace bag fine a*s Keisha, you’re not alone. Ace was the quintessential ugly fine before the term had even been created. He wasn’t attractive at first glance, he was tall and lanky, often ashy, with Kevin Durant like hair and whack style. But let me tell you from experience, pretty boys are only as good as they look. That’s it, on the inside, they’re uglier than the ugly n*ggas. Most of the times if they’re a 10 on the outside, they’re a 4 on the inside. Simple math, don’t ask me how.

The key to turning your 6 into a 9, is all about perspective. And I say a 9, because you don’t ever want a 6 to get the ego of a 10, then you’ve lost them lol. But anyways let’s look at your 6. Maybe they’re not your “type” physically, but there’s something attractive about them, work with that. Love is all about acceptance and all of that but there’s nothing wrong with molding someone on the outside if they’re everything you want on the inside. Sometimes it’s something small, like better clothes. And who doesn’t  love new clothes? Take him/her shopping and take them from run away to runway. If they let you. Don’t ever push your style on someone but it’s okay to influence them. I’ve personally styled every man I’ve ever seriously dated and it’s a pat on the back to see them dressing themselves now, because I know I influenced their new look. Take them to get their hair done/cut/re-twisted, whatever. If you’re dating a girl who’s pretty but has horrible eye brows, as her man, it’s your job to tell her. Send her to the spa for a facial and then to MAC. Small upgrades make a big difference. If it’s something bigger, like weight for instance, you’re going to have to tread lightly. What’s his name on Why Did I Get Married? took Jill Scott from a pudgy 6 to a fine a*s 9 just by working out with her. She lost weight, gained confidence and swapped out her wig and boom. But she’d been a good woman on the inside all along, just needed a little push on the outside. Since the gym is “in” now and everyone is trying to lift for the gram, it’s not that hard to get your boo off the couch. Plan a vacation on the beach somewhere, a few months from now, they’ll want to look their best in pictures so they’ll be with whatever you suggest. Again relationships are about acceptance and all that good stuff, but let’s just be honest, we often ignore good people if they don’t look good.

I kept seeing meme’s online, where there would be a fine a*s video vixen girl on the left and a homely “average” girl on the right. The girl on the left would have a crazy description like “no job, 2 kids, can’t cook, doesn’t clean, swallows, rolls your weed, etc.” and the woman on the right’s would say “master’s degree, own career, house, no kids, cooks, doesn’t smoke or drink, makes you wait 90 days.” People were choosing the woman on the left based off her looks and sex appeal!! It’s a mistake I’ve made over and over. Going after what looks good and then worrying about if that person is actually any good. I had a habit of always wanting the guy every other girl wanted, it was like a challenge to me and a “ha! Kiss my a*s” to the other girls once I got him. But mostly, they weren’t ever any good. They had too many options, egos too big, they knew they were 10’s. I thought I could only be half of a power couple with a man who was famous or wanted to be , until I actually tried dating them. I realized they were the hardest to build anything substantial with. They had too much going on already, too many industry chicks checking for them and too many viable excuses as to why they couldn’t (wouldn’t) commit fully. In all honesty? I like the appeal of a regular guy now. I’m not saying date someone who NO ONE is checking for but maybe someone who every one isn’t drooling over. He can have a great career and actually be around to spend time. You can totally be a “normal” power couple, lol. If pretty boys have taught me anything, it’s everything that looks good to you, isn’t always good to you. So maybe you’ve been ignoring the girl who smiles at you everyday because she’s just “okay” but you’ve been hounding the bad b*tch who won’t even look at you, because, well she’s bad. She has too many men checking for her, too many options, why should she be nice to all of you? Chance are, the bad b*tch is chasing a man who’s not paying her half the attention you would. She couldn’t tell you the last time he surprised her with flowers or cooked her dinner. He just looks good. Give the 6 a chance and be surprised at how well she treats you, possibly. She might be a b*tch or she might not be, lol but what I’m saying is look beyond looks and just see. Pay attention to how well someone treats you. Vs how well someone would look next to you. Because trust me, the better someone makes you feel, the better they start to look to you.

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My Favorite IG Fall Looks This Week


I’m excited with all the fashion popping up, the hair, nails and beauty that switches up this time of year. I love it. These are my favorite looks this week.

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Song Of The Week (Year) : Drake “How About Now?”


It’s no secret that “the boy” is out here living his dreams and doing whatever he wants. After suiting up with one of his favorite college basketball teams, traveling the country with his chick of the week Lira Galore, Drake is reminding us of what he really came for. He sampled Jodeci for crying out loud. How can you NOT love him?

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Are You Eating Right? A Post That’s NOT About Food. NSFW


1515528_746485588696763_1835318547_nAhhhh the most important part of foreplay, for both a man and woman, believe it or not. The better you please your woman during this important act, the better she’ll please you in every aspect of your entire life. She’ll f*ck and suck you like a Gawd, she’ll whistle while she’s cooking your meals, she’ll iron your clothes in the dark with her flat iron if she has to. LISTEN TO WHAT I’M TELLING YOU, OKAY?

The only thing worse than not eating p*ssy, is eating it the wrong way. All too often do men (and women) go down, thinking they have everything under control and the woman is laying in the dark, rolling her eyes and waiting for you to be done. If she’s not convulsing, clawing at the sheets, pushing your waves the opposite direction and speaking in tongues, you’re not doing it right.

1. Use her body like a road map, don’t just dive in.

Kiss her deeply, slowly. Nibble on her ears, suck her neck, lick her collar bone, touch her breasts, bite her nipples, kiss her stomach, rub her inner thighs, breathe on her lips….and when she can’t take anymore, GO IN. But build that anticipation up and she’ll cum the minute you touch her. Seriously.

2. Don’t lick too lightly, don’t suck too hard.

If you lick her too light, it’ll tickle. This is something that annoys the living sh*t out of me, I hate being tickled and especially there. On the flip side, if you suck too hard, it’ll bruise her lips and hurt. Find a balance between the two, lick her as you would ice cream and suck her like you’re cleaning your fingers of the best damn BBQ sauce you’ve ever had. You don’t suck your fingers until they turn purple right? Okay then.

3. Explore all of her flower.

Don’t just focus on her clitoris, it’s far too sensitive and will almost sting after too much stimulation. French kiss every fold as if she was the flat piece of a chicken wing, lol. No, seriously. Get in there. Get messy. Your nose and chin shouldn’t be clean when you come up for air.

4. Compliment her.

Tell her how good she tastes, how pretty that part of her is. Make noises, let her know you love it just as much as she likes it. Don’t be too cheesy and talk too much, but it’s okay to ask your girl if she missed you. And by “she”, her p*ssy.

tumblr_n48qx26AGH1tpeblqo1_5005. Don’t touch her with sharp or dirty fingernails, or dry hands.

If you got her aroused before going down on her, she should be wet when you touch her. But if you rushed and went straight for it, wet your finger before touching her. Get her involved, put your finger in her mouth and then insert it inside of her. Repeat.

6. Speaking of, don’t be afraid to touch her.

Use your fingers and your mouth. I personally never enjoyed being fingered when I was a little fast a*s virgin, making out with boys. But as I got older, and discovered oral sex, I realized this is the only time I get pleasure from it. A lot of women need dual stimulation in order to cum, and even better, squirt. So as your licking and kissing her, slip a finger (and then another) inside of her and make a “come here” motion. Don’t stab around and dig, that hurts. If you want to be fancy, and make her love you, then do “the shocker” But make sure she’s that kind of girl first.

7. Don’t stop as soon as she cums.

Keep going, not with the same intensity, fall back a little, but if you’re really trying to please her? Don’t stop. Women are multi-orgasmic, well the best ones anyways lol, and she’ll have wave, after wave, after wave, of pleasure. And once you start making love to her, it’s always a good feeling to have a man pull out mid stroke, and put his face back in it.


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Wang x H&M Is Coming

10724584_682276678535371_1011496337_nDuring a party at the Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs, H&M announced that their next designer collaboration will be with Alexander Wang. On November 6 this year, it is time to sharpen your elbows and put your game face on, as the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection will hit around 250 stores worldwide and online.

“I am honored to be a part of H&M’s designer collaborations. The work with their team is an exciting, fun process. They are very open to push boundaries and to set a platform for creativity. This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle,” Alexander Wang said.

This is the first time that an American designer teams up with H&M, and the Alexander Wang x H&M collection will feature apparel and accessories for both men and women.

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