A Letter To My Hero

Dear Amani,

my sweet first born. My daughter.

Do you know how beautiful and precious you are? Do you know that you’re royalty? A princess I carried in my pumpkin

I knew you were my world the minute I felt you kick, it was like, little flutters. I often called you my butterfly

When my friends hated me and guys made me cry, you were always right there with those big pretty brown eyes, “mommy, what’s wrong?”

To this day whenever I’m sad, you run and hug me, telling me I’m the best and I’m pretty. You don’t even know what your words mean to me

You don’t even know how many times you’ve been my hero and saved my life. When I was going through a severe depression, sitting in my car with pills, locked in my bathroom with a bottle of Nyquil

Knowing that if I left, you would miss me more than anybody else would. Knowing I would never get to kiss your face, hear your laugh and smell your toes, got me up off the bathroom floor. Made me get on my knees and pray instead.

You’re the reason why I breathe, Amani. When I named you, I chose Mai first Your middle name was going to be Serenity.

Your father hated it lol, said Mai wasn’t a real name. So we picked Amani, which means “peaceful”, so in the end,

you’re still my serenity

I want you to never lose that light in your eye. Never lose that dance in your walk. Keep your spunk, kid

I just want you to know that I want the best life possible for you

And I would be nothing without you.


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