Christmas Gifts For The Recently Cuffed

You’ve been smashing since the summer, dating since the fall. She made your plate on Thanksgiving. He introduced you as his girlfriend…Now what? Christmas is right around the corner and while you guys might’ve exchanged “I love you’s” already, maybe, you’re not sure of what gifts to exchange. Hopefully I can help.


It could be a keepsake from your first date, or something cheesy like a photo of you two, in a cute frame. Whatever you get them, kind of tailor it to them. By this point, you should at least know enough about your significant other, to shop for them. Dating a sneaker head? Get up on your release date knowledge and get him some sneakers. Don’t wanna spend that much? Get him a cool hat to wear with some sh*t he already has in his closet. Maybe replace that hoodie you stole from him in September…


It’s a new relationship, you don’t necessarily want to break the bank on your first Christmas. For what? It’ll either come off as crazy or crazy if you gift a woman you’ve been dating for 2 months a $10,000.00 bag. Get her a really nice card holder from Nordstrom. As a matter of fact, shopping for women is super easy anyways. You can always just get her accessories. Cashmere scarves are a nice gift. Leather gloves are nice. A warm winter fragrance is a win-win for the both of you. Get her a silk robe. If you want to buy jewelry but don’t have a lot of money, Michael Kors is always a great inexpensive option. Whatever you decide on, just set a budget and stick with it.


Ask them “What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten?” If it’s something material, you’ve got some bread to break. If it’s sentimental, you’re good! Just have to do some digging and make this Christmas special. Don’t ask her friends, they’ll all suggest something OD and costly. And then they’ll tell her.


  1. A wallet, all men need a nice wallet. Now if he’s a hood n*gga who just carries folded bills, get his class-less butt a money clip. Or a really sturdy rubber band. (Joke)
  2. A tie. Even if he doesn’t work right now! It’ll be a nice piece to wear to an interview!
  3. Cologne. If he already wears cologne, this might be hard to do, you have to pay very close attention to the scents he already likes and mirror that. If he’s new to really great smelling cologne then great! You can mold him right out of that AXE!
  4. A nice bag. Like a really cool book bag, gym bag or a bag he can carry things to work in. Something that’ll last.
  5. beard essentials. Check out my homie Foamie Simpson and cop some of that All Natural Grizzly Beard Conditioner By Beard Necessities for your bae. Your thighs will appreciate his softer face.
  6. Whiskey stones. They keep his drink cold without watering it down.
  7. A vinyl of a classic album, or his favorite artist.
  8. If you guys have been together before Thanksgiving/have already exchanged ILY’s, then you can splurge and get him a really nice watch.
  9. Tickets to a sports event or concert coming up.
  10. some sexy red lingerie, wrap yourself up and let him get you out of it.


  1. A simple wallet. When I say simple, think card holder. We carry enough sh*t as it is.
  2. Perfume. Find her a nice, warm winter fragrance.
  3. A gift card to somewhere where she can buy makeup. Don’t attempt to buy her makeup, play it safe. Go to Sephora, or MAC, or ULTA.
  4. A spa gift certificate. Women stress OD during the Holiday season, help her relax.
  5. Something she wouldn’t be thinking about, like taking her car to be detailed and serviced.
  6. If you buy her jewelry, keep it cute. Earrings or a nice necklace. Don’t get her a ring, if you’re not getting her a ring. 
  7. Some cozy boots. I’m not an UGG girl but a lot of girls are, and if my man bought me UGG’s I would wear them.
  8. be cheesy, we love cheesy. A huge teddy bear sometimes does the trick. Spray it with your cologne before you give it to her.
  9. If you want to go big, you can never go wrong with Chanel.
  10. turn both of your phones off, make grown up hot chocolate, and lock yourselves in for the weekend.


Go ice skating, bust your as* and laugh together. Make a snowman if you live where the weather permits. Curl up in front of a fire and watch Christmas movies. Bake comfort foods and drink rumchata. Decorate together. Go downtown and enjoy the lights. Tackle family gatherings together, don’t leave her with your pervy uncle or your cousin who steals. If you guys have children, even better! There’s so many things to do during Christmas. If both of you have to work, squeeze some quality time in somewhere. Maybe open your gifts together at Midnight on the 24th. If you’re long distant, or just don’t live together, FaceTime the morning of Christmas, send each other sweet cards.

The main rule to Christmas, is to keep your stress levels low. I know it’s easier said than done but it isn’t impossible. Above all, simply ASK them if you guys are doing gifts this year before you even start stressing and spending!


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