True Life: I’m Going On A 21-Day Social Media Fast

I have an iPhone, an android and a macbook. The only reason why I haven’t listed tablet or iPad is because I gave my tablet to my fiancé and I sold my iPad years ago. The bottom line, I’m too connected to every single thing at all times. At night, I’m scrolling snapchat or mindless on IG. During the day, I’m entertaining useless chaos on twitter and in the morning, I’m bombarded with bad news and more babies, via Facebook. It’s madness, bouncing from app to app, when I could be doing something productive. I feel like the only reason why more people don’t take breaks from social media, is FOMO; fear of missing out. We think we’ll miss something profound and vital to our life, when in reality we’re just caught up with keeping up. Every now and then, we should all unplug and actually experience things without the need to throw a filter on them.

So, I’m choosing to do something about it, starting tomorrow.


I will not open Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat for the next 21 days.

In the Christian World, when one chooses to fast; it’s to receive a blessing. The sense of giving up something you love, for something God knows you need. Yes, I post links to lovejfab on these outlets but for the next 21 days; I’ll just have to count on wordpress & my subscribers. My site automatically posts links to Facebook, tumblr & twitter, and if you’re subscribed; you won’t miss anything. I have posts scheduled twice a week, up until July anyways so if you see a post; don’t assume I’m breaking my fast. I’m not even going to break my fast to POST ON MY OWN SITE.

Sounds crazy right? I know. But I have to do something, my spirit is so full right now but I know there’s room for more. Aside from LJF, I’m also a contributing blogger for Kontrolgirl so I’ll have no choice but to post daily there because it’s mandatory, but it doesn’t mean I have to break my social media fast. I’ll write my stories, send them off and put my phone down.

During these 21 days, I want to accomplish the following personal goals;

-Consistently work out every single day for 21 days straight

-meditate for 1 hour daily

-Read 3 books

-pray bigger and bolder than ever before

I will be back April 18th, 2016. Two days before my scheduled tonsillectomy 🙁


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