This Gelato Might Be Better Than Talenti

Let me just say, I am an avid Talenti lover. Every time I see they’re BOGO, I shoot it out on all my social networks. I’m even waiting for the 6 new flavors to drop. So imagine my surprise, when I saw this beautifully crafted pint of Mascarpone (MAHS-SKAA-PONEH) Pistachio Caramel Gelato. 

You read that right, mascarpone. As in the beautifully flavored creamy Italian cheese.

If you watch Chopped like I do, you’ve been hip to mascarpone for a while. At least enough through the show to see the contestants delight when they get it in their basket or use it in the dessert round. It’s a sweet, savory, cheese. When I saw that alone, I was immediately intrigued. I had first tasted this amazing product when I was a little girl. There’s this amazing bakery where I’m from in Bloomfield, CT and they serve fresh Italian cannoli‘s. I don’t know why I always loved them, especially as a child. Most children prefer cookies or cake, I would lose my mind if I knew we were going anywhere near that bakery & beg my grandmother to get me a cannoli. Mascarpone cheese is also popular in real Tiramisu and Risotto.


1st impression: The container is so fancy, compared to Ben & Jerry’s, etc. I’ve always liked the Talenti container (I put my body scrub in it) because it was clear and you could see the contents brightly and in depth. But this container while clear like Talenti, didn’t have the plain writing or plain brown top. It has beautiful font and a silver, tin top that has a strip of green tape bearing the name again, across it.

The contents say all natural, which appeals to the clean eater in me and there’s a bit of history on the back label. It is made in Maine, and after doing some digging on their website, I’m shocked to know it’s been around since 2007! I’ve never seen this container until Monday, at Publix! And I didn’t see any other containers or flavors, this was literally the only ONE. It’s like God put it there for me, lol.

They have 2 stores, with their flagship store being in Brunswick and the other in Portland. I’ll have to visit of course if I’m ever in Maine.


I wouldn’t even know what to eat. You can see what those are HERE and even order a 6-pack HERE!

IMG_31271st taste: I’ve been a pistachio lover since I was a kid also. It’s a tie between that and grape nut, which I’ve only been able to find back home in Connecticut 🙁 So the taste of this stuff had to measure up to the amazing presentation.


It was rich, and creamy, and decadent. The mascarpone was sweet and salty and amazing. The caramel flavor wasn’t overpowering, it was just right. Definitely not TOO sweet. The gelato itself was thick and smooth. I noticed with Talenti’s gelato, it melted right away. With Gelato Fiasco, it gave me time to savor the flavor. I had to force myself to only eat a spoonful.

It costs $6.49 for a pint, and if it was $10.49, I would pay that shit. Twice. Try it, if you can find it at your grocery store and let me know what you think about it! Actually, I may surprise 6 subscribers with a personal pint during a giveaway…YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE IN ORDER TO ENTER!! Stay Tuned.

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    I tried Gelato Fiasco for the first time. I bought one pint of strawberry and one pistachio caramel. Neither was very good. Very Ginny texture and little flavor. I would choose Talenti over this brand any day.

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