I Couldn’t Imagine A World Without Orgasms

I was reading a story recently of a grown woman who had just experienced her first orgasm. Naturally, she was shocked and elated to find out what she had been missing all this time and it made me so sad. 
As a very sexual being, I had my first orgasm when I was 17. I was way too aware of my body as a teen and incredibly sexually curious. I would sneak and look at porn magazines. I enjoyed the tingling feeling I got from seeing naked bodies. I tried masturbating. All the time, and I never could get into it! I had no clue what my body really liked. Then I met my daughter’s father when I was 16 and we were disgusting together. He was really my first everything. We tried anything, we were animals. The way nature intended it to be. 
I still remember the day it happened. We had gone to the mall and snuck in the back of Spencer’s. Back then, you had to be 18 to even look in certain parts of that store. I don’t know how we were able to even pull this off but we bought lube, and a bag of sex toys. My grandmother was at work, it must’ve been a Saturday because we spent all day trying this stuff out. My very first orgasm came from a combination of vaginal penetration, anal beads and a vibrator. Pretty advanced shit for a 17-year old who had never cum at all before. I squirted that day and passed out.       

And I was hooked. 


That was 10-years ago, I can’t count how many orgasms I’ve had since then. I’ve gotten so good at cumming that I came from good old fashioned grinding on a couch and getting my nipples sucked just right. And that was probably 2 years ago. But I had never made out and grinded as a teenager, and I was feeling nostalgic that day. The point is, I know where I’m going and how to take myself there. And you should too. It’s very important. 

To the women who don’t/can’t cum while having sex…I want to hug you. And then fondle you, in the hopes that you get off. Sex is amazing, yes. But it’s the orgasm that wraps it all up in a nice bow. There have been times I haven’t been able to cum, he finished first etc. and I’ve always felt cheated. And then angry. Orgasms feel like…Christmas, inside of you. All the lights, the warmth of hot chocolate flowing through you, ripping open presents over and over, and then just pure satisfaction. Whatever bad day you were having, gone. Orgasms release oxytocin in the body, which cures headaches and all types of bad vibes. It just makes you happy. 

If you’re not experiencing the joys of orgasmic sex, ask yourself why. Communicate with yourself and your partner. As a guy, it’s gotta suck to pull out all the stops and nothing. Are you turned on enough? Do you know where your spots are, so you can guide him? Do you need simultaneous stimulation? Maybe you should watch porn with the volume up. I don’t know, but I hope all of you are enjoying sex as much as I am. You owe it to yourself before anyone else.

 Is an orgasm that important or am I just spoiled?

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