Don’t Go To College If You Don’t Want To


This is the biggest lie told to us by our parents, the government and teachers. Do you know how many successful people, don’t have a degree? Or they have one, but it’s just “in case”? A very successful celebrity stylist and businesswoman, Olori Swank told me when I first met her that certain things could not be taught in any school. Don’t waste your time or your money. If you have a true talent and passion, go with that. She has degrees in biology and all kinds of other stuff, and guess what? Her passion is in fashion. Styling to be exact. They have design schools and merchandising degrees, but not fashion styling. Why? Because that “eye” for style can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. I was interested in going to SCAD when I met her, she told me not to. And I’m glad I listened, because I now do exactly what I wanted to do, minus the $120k worth of debt and in less than the 4 years obtaining a degree in something related to styling. Because I listened to my gut, I went after my passion and I took time and worked on my craft. I listened to greats, I asked June Ambrose questions I never thought she would read, much less answer. I invested in myself, not Uncle Sam. Why give you $120,000.00 to teach me something I’m already good at? The education system is a scam in my eyes, some careers, yes you need a degree in but a lot of other things are extra stuff they throw in so they can make money. How many of you went to school, got in debt, now you’re out and have to work a job (or two) that isn’t even what you went to school for so you can pay bills and student loans while you apply to jobs in your field? You feel cheated or nah? I would.

I’m just saying how I feel man,
I ain’t one of the Cosby’s, I ain’t go to Hill man

301102813_origDon’t go to college for anyone except yourself. I went for two years, wasted $20,000.00 that I’m almost done paying back now, many years later, because my grandmother pressured me into college. Mind you, SHE didn’t even go to college. She went to cosmetology school and cut hair for 37 years. Why the hell was I taking advice from her anyways? Maybe she wanted better for me? Fair. But don’t force your kids into college, especially if you have no idea what college even is about. My daughter is very adamant about wanting to be an artist, she has a natural talent. Maybe she’ll want to go to college or maybe she’ll go to design or be an architect, I don’t know but what I do know is that I want her to know she has options. Maybe she’ll paint some fly sh*t on the side of a building and get arrested for vandalism, and be bailed out by a world renowned artist who’s impressed with her rebellious spirit. Who knows?!

You know I already graduated
And you can live through anything if magic made it.

A piece of advice I received recently from my good friend B.A.M was this;

“If I take my talent, what I already know, that’s gotten me this far…and put it with the shit that they know? I’ll be unstoppable.”

And he’s right. At some point, I probably will go back to college. I’m not saying in this post by any means that education is horrible. Educating is great! But what I want you to get out of this, it isn’t the ONLY way. B.A.M is a major music producer who I’ve known since high school, who’s entire career thus far has been talent, faith and back doors. And he’s reached an amazing level on that alone. But like he said, if he takes that + learning how to read music, score music, etc. he’ll be untouchable.

So maybe one day, in order to reach another level, I’ll need that communications degree. Or business degree. But by the time I decide that, it will be MY decision, and my money to invest back into myself. Don’t graduate in debt because you felt trapped. Take a few side streets, go in some back doors, first. And see what happens.



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