You Left The Nest, Now What?

Your friends live with their crazy, fun roommates. Your homegirl is shacking up with her boyfriend and they’re “adorable”. You, still live at home with your parents. Which, isn’t as bad as it sounds. Since I’ve done the roommate, the boyfriend, and now the nest, let me share my POV with you.

The Roommate(s)

Why this is good:

  • bills are split two ways, sometimes three ways, and normally with college guys, four ways. Awesome! You have a $1,200.00 cool apartment that’s only $300.00 a piece!
  • There’s always someone home, so you’re never lonely. Cool.

Let me tell you first hand, most roommates suck. They’re fun for the first few months, but then you’re sick of each other. Bills are split, great, however when you depend on someone to pay their portion and they don’t have it? All hell breaks loose. Yes, there’s always someone there but don’t think it’s always a party. And if it is, that just means bigger messes and more food & liquor you all have to keep buying. But yes, THERE’S ALWAYS SOMEONE HOME. And guess what? Not only do you not get much peace and quiet, they have friends who come over. You can’t dictate their company because their names are on the lease too. You might not like their friends, but there they are, on your couch, watching your tv, using your wi-fi and drinking your juice. 9/10 people aren’t as clean as they say they are either.  My advice? If you can afford to and you don’t HAVE to move out, don’t get a roommate. Trust me. Even with contracts and verbal agreements, they can still be sh*tty and in two of my cases, move out and leave you with a lease for unpaid rent.

The Boo

Why this is good:

  • in house sex! Whenever, wherever. No more sneaking around, no hotels, nothing. Wake up, sex. Breakfast, sex. Before work, sex. After work, sex. Movie, sex. It’s like a damn Kendrick Lamar song.
  • you can really get to know who you’re dating, especially if you were considering marrying them.

And unfortunately, that’s where that ends also.

In house sex is great, let me tell you. It’s everything. But it gets old, quick. I don’t even wanna stay the night 3 nights in a row because I’m tired of having sex all day. It has to be fun. For the first few weeks, that’s all you’ll want to do. But then you’ll get over that quick. Whatever bad habit your boo has that you don’t know about, will be magnified if you choose to live together. My ex had really bad gas and hogged the bathroom. I didn’t know until we moved in together. I was annoyed to the 10th power. I’m one of those women who don’t get that comfortable really around a guy, so it was annoying having to hide my gross stuff lol. I would wait until he went to work to go #2, little silly sh*t like that. I also couldn’t stand his friends, and they were ALWAYS over our house. He would be up late, loud with them and I hated it. I suggest waiting to move in with someone, like, after an engagement is established. But just boyfriend and girlfriend? Don’t do it.

The home front

Why this is good:

  • No bills!! For the most part.
  • Less responsibility. Your mom cooks, and most likely still does laundry.

Truthfully in this economy and with flaky roommates and gross boyfriends, the safest choice is to stay at home. You can save a ton of money and be comfortable to go poop in the middle of the night. If your parents are cool about you having company, even better. Yes, they’ll get on your nerves but the difference now vs when you were growing up is that A.) you have a job/school to go to and get away. B.) hopefully you have a car or can take theirs and run off. C.) you can’t get spankings and put in time-out anymore. It’s great and I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to move out until you are about to get married. Or until you’re definitely financially stable enough so you won’t need a roommate. While you’re home, what would’ve been rent money can go towards student loans and other debt you may have accumulated. You can help your parents out with some bills. Whatever you want, but it’s less of a headache and hassle. Living on your own, if you’re not ready, is the worst thing you can do. Don’t listen to a girl who frowns at you being 23 and still living at home. Unless you’re just lazy and never plan on moving out. But that whole “move out at 18” is crap, just don’t be there when you’re 30.

I don’t see the problem, and it’s smart, money wise to just be patient and save.


The only thing you probably can’t do is the in house sex thing and let’s be honest, a lot of you found your way around that at 15 so put that thinking cap back on and chill out.



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    Porsche B

    I absolutely cannot live with anyone! Friends, boyfriends, parents! I just like to do what the hell I want to do, with who I want to do it with, at whatever time I choose!

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