How Being With Women Taught Me To Appreciate Men

post-27325-denise-richards-kissing-neve-c-cNKvI’ll never forget the first time a girl showed me her tits. I was 8 and we went to the same church. Every Sunday, she & her mom came over we played in my room. Mostly with dolls and then she introduced me to “house”. She told me to be the dad and she was the mom and she told me we had to get married. As we wrapped up our fake wedding, she told me we had to kiss. I remember going straight for it, no hesitation. Then she took her shirt off. I touched her flat chest and she kissed me again.

I learned two very important things then; church girls were freaks and I liked them.

I was boy crazy in my teens but I was always very curious. I never liked any of my friends growing up sexually, and honestly it wasn’t until after I had my child, that I actually slept with my first woman. She was fine as hell to me, this stud chick from DC with dreds and hazel eyes. She looked like a boy, except she had these amazing soft D-cups and could walk in heels. I remember dodging her for weeks, before giving her my number and shortly we were inseparable.

Gay, bi or straight, women are crazy as hell.

She was jealous, and possessive. Slightly controlling, always wanted to know where I was at. If we were out and a guy said hi to me, she would flip out and tell me “I know you’re not gay, that’s what scares me.” She was whiny, she was needy, she was a cheater and a liar; good at both. I liked women but I didn’t like being controlled by one. She ate me out too lightly, and still got her period. When she asked me to move to DC so we could get married and have petri dish offspring, I knew then, I wasn’t about that long-term lesbian life.

That experience alone, taught me so much about how annoying women really are. Whenever I’m with a man and they compliment my chill personality, I pat the inner “lesbian for 4 months” inside of me. It’s because I’ve had a girlfriend before. I know how stressful they are. I try my hardest to stay as chill as possible.

I do think that due to my experience on both sides of the fence, I definitely appreciate men more. I don’t understand the women who are fed up with “aint shit men” and “turn gay”. You just…can’t. If you’re not 100% gay, you won’t be able to fake the funk. Something will happen that will make you wake up and say “whoa, wtf was I thinking?” It took me a while to identify with being bi-sexual, I didn’t want to be called gay. I didn’t want to be labeled. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re truly gay. I don’t think it’s cool to just toss those kinds of titles around, or to be fake gay and kiss your friends for instagram.

I’ll bring a girl home, but I never ask to keep them.



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