The Rise Of The “Ugly-Fine”


Ace was the quintessential ugly fine before the term had even been created. He wasn’t attractive at first glance, he was tall and lanky, often ashy, with Kevin Durant like hair and whack style. And we wondered what the hell did Keisha see in him.

Why is it that whenever we see a beautiful woman with a less-attractive man, we assume there’s something wrong with her? Lol. How come we never sit back and think he must really be doing something right.

Let me tell you from experience, pretty boys are only as good as they look. That’s it, on the inside, they’re uglier than the “ugly” guys. Most of the times if they’re a 10 on the outside, they’re a 4 on the inside. If you ever luck up on a 10/10, don’t ever mess that up!

Women are no longer extremely interested in the perfect guy, physically. If you even look at some recent celebrity couples, it’s happening all over. Somewhere along the way, we realized it was deeper than looks. We’re interested in the way men TREAT us, more than the way they look to us. If you’re a handsome piece of shit, we don’t want you anymore. Not seriously anyways. You’ve got high school juniors and seniors who treat their little girlfriends like gold, you think us grown women are going to just accept you looking good? No. And who’s determining what’s ugly and what’s not? Society. Social media. Preferences. None of it matters. Just because someone isn’t your type physically, doesn’t mean they won’t be everything else you want in a partner.

If pretty boys have taught me anything, it’s everything that looks good to you, isn’t always good to you.  Pay attention to how well someone treats you. Vs how well someone would look next to you.

Because trust me, the better someone makes you feel, the better they start to look to you.


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