Nice Guys Finish Last Because They Choose To

“Boy she only fucked ya over, cuz you let her…”

You text first. Call first. Pay for every little thing. Listen to her vent about her shitty ex. Take her shopping. Eat her ass. Whatever. All the while, you never secured the bag. The bag, being the girl in this case. You know why assholes seem to get the girl? Because there’s something she likes about him. That’s it. There’s no strategy, honestly. It could be the fact that most ain’t shit men have bomb dick (don’t debate me) or something as minor as the way he laughs. There’s really no telling.

If she likes you, it won’t matter what you do or don’t do to get her. You’ll have her. 

Most men think there’s some secret formula to getting the girl they want. Here’s the secret; make sure she wants you too or your efforts will be wasted. Don’t stop being you. Don’t get discouraged and say “man these bitches don’t appreciate good men. Ima have to dog the next one.” No. Simply make sure the next one likes you back. Most of the time, that’s literally ALL it is. I don’t like corny niggas, and my man is a little corny sometimes. But guess what? I like HIM. All that “preference shit” goes out the window if a woman likes you. 

When a man likes a woman, and decides to actively pursue her; unknowingly he’s giving her a bit of power he didn’t prepare for. She expects good morning texts, random flowers sent to her job, to be wined and dined, flown out, etc. All men pursue things they truly want, and women know this so some of them abuse this power and ruin it for the rest of us. The problem I have with the nice guys who complain on social media? They allowed that stuff to happen. They sat back and hoped for the day she magically wakes up and feels the same.

Liking you doesn’t mean she replies to your texts, liking you means she texts you first too. It doesn’t mean she lets you take her out, it means she takes you out too. It’s not her double tapping your wcw post dedicated to her and commenting “aww”, it’s waking up and finding out you’re her mcm. Know your worth, King! You deserve reciprocity too! 

Is it annoying to have to figure out if a woman likes you? Of course. And you should know but women are very good at hiding shit, I know. But when a woman truly likes you, you feel it in how she looks at you. Her smile when she sees you. If she notices you’ve been quiet lately. She’ll ask you questions about yourself, your career, your family. She’ll appreciate the little things you do. Don’t stop opening doors and being a gentleman, just find a woman who likes you and will appreciate you. The problem most guys have, is they’re amazing to a fault. They can’t help themselves and just how most women do; they ignore the signs.

You will never be able to convince a woman to like you. And would you really want to? Would you want to be that pathetic ass man who finally gets the girl, after she’s tired of being hurt and knows that you’ll be there to just pick up her pieces? No. You want to be the first round draft pick. And you deserve to be.

Before you invest months of missionary sex and picking up the tab, really ask yourself if the woman you’re interested in is interested in you too, or just the fact that you’re interested in her.  

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