Can We Actually Learn Something From Joe Budden & Cyn Santana?

Cuffing season has ended, and Joe Budden has another new girlfriend. He definitely has a type; Cyn Santana is young, thick, Latina and gorgeous. We’ve all seen how Joey’s relationships start and end, but something about him & Cyn give me hope that the old geezer is really ready to settle down. Maybe it won’t last forever, maybe it will. Right now, they’re cute as shit though so let’s roll with it. I can’t figure out how Joe keeps bagging these bad chicks, he has dealt with rumors of beating women, lying to them, and all kinds of other shit but he seems to have no problem moving on every time. Maybe there’s more to him after all, or maybe his dick is just that good. Either way, he seems happy now, at least for the gram.

I can’t really judge Joe Budden though and honestly that’s not even what this post is about. I guess I can identify with his dating style. He’s probably a hopeless romantic like I am, but secretly crazy…like I…nevermind. But I’m familiar with the whirlwind romances that crash and burn after 6-7 months and honestly, those are my most memorable ones. I think Joe’s appeal is that he’s unpredictable, which is loosely translated as crazy but let’s move on. Joe & Cyn have something amazing, and it translates well on camera. Social media can. be tricky but based on their’s, they’re really in love and its adorable.

Be silly!

Don’t be so serious all the time. Have fun, indulge in snapchat filters with them, laugh a lot.

Hold each other down but lift one another up.

Your man/woman should be your escape from the World. Be there for one another and always be supportive.

Take a baecation.

Catch a flight, turn your phones off, lay out at the beach. Just enjoy each other away from it all. Use this mini-vacay to relax and refocus. Maybe the winter months have been draining, work is getting annoying. Get your passport and get on Groupon and search “all inclusive”. Get away.

Continue to flirt.

It might be a new relationship, or 6 months in, or 3 years in. Whatever! Don’t stop lusting after him/her. Kiss each other in public, show affection.

You don’t have to give up “single” things, you just have to date someone who enjoys the same shenanigans.

Put effort into looking good when you go out.

Every now & then, get all dressed up and look incredible with your boo. Even if it’s not a special occasion.

But embrace the art of staying in also.

Netflix & chill isn’t just for booty calls. When you’re in a relationship and dating, sometimes you just don’t want to or can’t go out every weekend. Learn how to stay inside and enjoy each other’s company. Have a lazy Sunday where you don’t do anything but lay up under each other, watch movies and order in. Sometimes quality time doing nothing, is better than being out on the scene.

Reverse the roles every now and then.

Cook dinner for her every now and then, especially if she’s always feeding your hungry ass. And if you can’t cook, order something and put it on a nice plate, and light some candles.

Support one another. Be each other’s #1 fan.

Whatever they do, or are passionate about; promote it. Whatever dream they have, encourage it.

Boost your boo’s head up faster than any blogger can.

Don’t stop spoiling each other.

How you get them, is how you have to keep them. Show your appreciation with affection and adoration.

Try things for the first time together.

Conquer fears by doing it with your partner. Create memories that will last a lifetime, even if you two don’t.

Joey & Cyn are adorable as hell, hopefully they’re not just an IG couple. I do want to know who their photographer is though. Do you just get a dope cameraman once your relationship hits a certain point? I need their info.

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