Stones From The Glass House; The Broke Woman

Every day, there are women who set ridiculously high financial standards for the hypothetical men they’re dating.

“I won’t date a man who makes less than 6 figures!” -A woman who makes $10/hour

“My man has to drive foreign or he’s boring!” -A woman walking

“Applebee’s aint a date! I only go to $200 dinners or better!” -A woman who’s pantry is stocked with ramen noodles and pizza rolls

“Ugh, you live here? You don’t have a house?” -A woman still having to sneak company in her mother’s house

Now, there’s nothing wrong with making $10/hour, or not having a car, or living at home. There’s something wrong when you make a man feel like he has to be at a certain place in his life and you’re nowhere near that. If he refuses to spend any money on you, you get online or in the group chats and call him broke. But, you’re broke.

And it’s one thing to be broke in silence and grinding to better your situation but you new women are broadcasting your broke-ness. Openly discussing your money woes over dinner?! My co-worker said a woman asked him to pay her car note on the 2nd date! Another guy I know said a woman asked him to pay her rent. She was on section-8 mind you and that shit was only $100. She got evicted over ONE HUNDRED RAGGEDY ASS DOLLARS. Do you know what that says to a man? It says “I need you to take care of me. I’m about to be an expense.” You women are coming off as liabilities and not assets.

The tweet that broke the camel’s back

You girls don’t need sugar daddies, you need real jobs. Consistent streams of income. You need to get off your asses and get it yourselves. If you depend on a man for everything, what do you have if he leaves? I don’t understand it, what does it prove to you if a man spends his hard earned money on you? That he likes you, or is capable of being a great partner? His money is HIS money. That’s why I can’t stand to hear women describe their new men by what he does or has. You ask your friend about her new little man and she says “Oh biiiitch! He’s a (insert occupation) has a big ass house in (insert high priced area here)”

HE’S A. HE HAS. HE DRIVES. HE JUST BOUGHT. HE JUST CAME FROM. See? That’s his shit, what do you bring to the table? Do you think your pussy is so grand, it deserves it’s own salary? No. You can’t be out here looking for qualities and credit scores, that you don’t even have. It’s not fair. I think my issue with this logic is the immediate backlash a man will receive simply for saying “this is my money.” and maybe because I’ve rarely ever asked a man for anything, unless I desperately needed help. Things happen, sometimes you need help but you don’t demand it or expect it, simply because you are a woman. The things you’re asking a man to do, can you do for yourself? If the answer is no, you probably should close your palm and sit down somewhere. And what if he lost that house, job and car…could you support this lifestyle until he got his shit back together? Hell, would you? Sadly, a lot of you wouldn’t. There’s nothing wrong with letting a man spoil you and lavish you with gifts, if that’s what he chooses to do. But if you make it a requirement for dating you, you’ll run that great guy away.

Destiny’s Child had a song called Bills, Bills, Bills and I think you ladies took that shit and ran with it. Now, yes the song was about a trifling ass broke man spending all his girl’s money but you all just heard one part and made it your anthem. You’re listening to a woman who probably spends just as much on her man, as he does on her in real life. If you went to a man’s house and he asked you to pay a bill, your first reaction would be to tell him “this ain’t my fucking house” God forbid if he ever asked for you to ever pay him back for the money he’s given you. The next time you demand your new boyfriend pay for hair or nails, think about how turned off you would be if he asked you for money for a haircut. You would clown him without a second thought. All I’m saying is, yes there are broke men and no, you don’t have to date them. But also, there are broke women. A lot more, probably, they just disguise their broke-ness by calling it “courting”. Courting is not the same as supporting.

If you’re not in a position to pay for your return flight in case things go left, you probably shouldn’t be dating, ma.

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