Travel More For Less This Year

Before you buy that next designer bag, or support another ridiculous Supreme release-invest that money in frequent flyer miles. Cop a passport and pack a bag. This post is mainly for myself, I want to travel for real this year but I’ve psyched myself out. Thinking I don’t have the time or the money, I don’t have anyone to travel with, what would I even do? I don’t know where to go! Excuses. Before I know it, another year will pass where I haven’t gone anywhere. Another year without a passport. And boy, do millennials talk shit about you if you don’t have a fucking passport.

Blame it on how I was raised? I don’t know. My family just doesn’t travel to exotic places. Hell, they circulate the same few places every year in this trapped circle of routine. Florida. Atlanta. DC. Dassit. And I’ve gotten into the same routine, I go back home-home to Florida every few years, but almost every year I “take a trip” to Savannah or North Carolina. And it’s fine, but it’s not enough. I haven’t even been to California, or Vegas or Houston, or shit-New York! I’ve gone to NY a few times as a kid growing up in CT but I mean like full on gone and enjoyed the city, especially as an adult? No. So my domestic travel list is just as long as my international list. So how can I get these trips off?


Every time I look up on IG, there’s a random post from Paris, Dubai, China, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, fucking Greece! And I rack my brain like how do these broads afford this shit? I discovered Groupon getaways. AND BITCH LET ME TELL YOU. For the cost of a raggedy bag at Phipps, you could be enjoying an 11-day tour of Europe with airfare included. If I hadn’t moved into my first place this year and gotten furniture, I would’ve taken my taxes and bought 3-4 trips. But it’s okay, I have 8 months left in this year to at least plan and pay for one trip. I just need one to start!

I’ve taken the liberty to share these bomb trip deals that I found, click the pictures for these particular deals or simply go on and click “getaways” and then “all-inclusive”. Price is based on two people traveling together and sharing a room. Additional fee to travel solo.

What does all-inclusive mean? 

Read the fine print always but usually they mean this price includes your round-trip airfare, hotel, all meals and drinks, spa/resort activities, etc. Every now and then, there will be a trip that’s not flying out of your city, but it’s still cheaper to pay for a flight to the cheapest city you can and take advantage.

Know Before You Go

  • A passport is required for all travel outside the U.S.

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months after the date of travel, and contain at least two blank visa pages.

  • Before international travel, always check the State Department’s websitefor important info on the destination and its entry/exit requirements.

Under $500

For my first international trip, I’ll probably start small and just hit up Mexico or DR.

UNDER $1,000

UNDER $1,500

If you have 2 weeks vacation to use or even just a few sick days, you can take one or two trips at least this year. Don’t feel ashamed if you haven’t traveled anywhere yet, shit I haven’t. We can go together! I would actually recommend going with a group, because I watch a lot of movies like Hostel and shit. I want to come home with my organs intact, thank you. Plan your trip months in advance, gives you time to get a pocket guide to the country you’re visiting and learn some generic phrases in that native language. But please, travel this year. You don’t have to splurge on an expensive camera if you don’t have one, your cellphone is just fine.

Create memories this year, you won’t remember those $1,000 shoes after you wear them one time-trust me.

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