5 Things No Woman Can Resist

Prince Charming is a fairy tale character who comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress and stereotypically must engage in a quest to liberate her from an evil spell. This classification suits most heroes of a number of traditional folk tales, including “Snow White“, “Sleeping Beauty“, and “Cinderella“, even if in the original story they were given another name, or no name at all.

Often handsome and romantic, these characters are essentially interchangeable, serving as a foil to the heroine; in many variants, they can be viewed as a metaphor for a reward the heroine achieves for the decisions she makes.[1] The prominence of the character type makes him an obvious target for revisionist fairy tales. “Prince Charming” is also used as a term to refer to the idealized man some people dream of as a future spouse.[2]

You don’t have to be perfect, that’s not what this post is about. When it comes to dating, there’s a lot of speculation that goes into what do women like or don’t like. It’s actually not as hard as men make it, women aren’t complicated and most of the time; the woman you’re dating or pursuing has told you what she likes. Men just don’t pay attention to the little things. I know definitely tell men upfront what I like, and half of the time they do the complete opposite.

First things first, the most important thing a woman wants is effort. I cannot stress this enough. If you ask a woman out, don’t be vague and don’t be a “let’s play it by ear” type of person. Make reservations at a restaurant. Be on time. Pre-order the movie tickets online so everything runs smoothly when you get there. Google a few places and send her links throughout the week so you guys have a clear picture of your date on Friday. And if you are going to go with the flow, at least have a starting point. Women hate when guys don’t put forth effort. Stop telling a woman you miss her and then letting weeks go by without planning to see her. If you’re busy, FaceTime her on lunch for a tech-date. Send something small to her job just to show her you’re thinking of her. But I’m telling you, effort goes a long way. As long as you consciously make time for a woman and you’re not just all text; she will always do the same for you. But no woman is going to be the one planning everything and asking you out all the time. She’ll move onto a man who knows how to make her feel special.

Quality time is kind of neck and neck with effort, but for numerical purposes it’s #2. Quality time means not scrolling social media while you’re at dinner, or talking on the phone with your friends while you’re with her. It’s not blanking out to sportscaster on her couch while she’s in the kitchen. Quality time is just the two of you, completely into one another. If she’s cooking, it’s helping her out or if she would prefer to cook alone, it’s standing in the doorway talking to her. Quality time is putting your phone up and away so you can listen to what she’s saying. It can be something as small as taking a drive and just talking in the car for an hour, or going to the park and walking around together. It’s not hard, but you have to do more than just show up. You need to be present in the moment with her.

A man who does what he says he will is a gift from Heaven. Any man can make empty promises or tell you sweet things. But a man who says he’s going to do/be something and then executes that consistently is one to be appreciated. They’re rare and women hate when a man doesn’t do what he says he will. As a man, all you have are your balls and your word (Tony Montana knew) and the minute you don’t do what you say you will, a woman loses faith in you. She stops getting excited about plans because she knows there’s a big chance they probably won’t even happen. You become all talk and it’s a huge turn-off.

No matter your love language, every woman loves acts of service. These are not to be confused with gifts, these are simply small things that she has to do-that you offer to do for her. It could be as small as showing up to dinner with the wine & dessert so it’s less she has to do, or grabbing her trash on your way out. It could mean noticing her car needs to be washed and taking it for her, or rubbing her feet at the end of a date where she wore heels. It’s doing something sweet for her, without her having to ask. Depending on what stage your relationship is, it might even include something involving her kids. Maybe it’s picking them up from school when you know she normally rushes through traffic everyday to get them, or taking them out for ice cream so she can have a few hours to herself.

A man who isn’t afraid to express himself is one that I want to be with. Men don’t dedicate r&b songs to their shorty on the quiet storm anymore lol. No one writes love letters or can even articulate how they feel about their woman without overthinking it. “What will people think? I don’t want to look whipped.” Real men know that expressing their love for their girl looks far from it, and that there’s nothing wrong with saying “this is an amazing woman and I’m so blessed to have her.” It also doesn’t hurt that your lady doesn’t have to emotionally exhaust herself trying to figure out how you really feel about her. You wouldn’t get so many “what are we?” questions if you would communicate how you’re feeling.

Honorary mentions:

– a great sense of humor/style

-a man who’s a great father/son


-a man good with his hands (can fix things, cook, give great massages, etc.)

Don’t leave a woman in the gray area if that’s the woman you want to be with. Get your shit together, claim her and then when you do get her; treat her as if you’re still trying to get her. Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had, and if she’s amazing-tell her. Don’t let too much time pass by, thinking you have so much juice and she’ll never move on. One day, the woman you don’t treat right, will find someone who will and she’ll stop loving you. I can’t tell you how many dead-end conversations I have had, and how many empty promises I have heard. All I can tell you is that I’m definitely over it and my days of settling because someone looks good-are over. Women just want to feel a certain way around you, so if you aren’t “that kind of guy” please leave her where you found her.

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