Get Fit By The Fourth!

I created a fitness challenge for real people. This is not some crash 21-day vegan shit. It’s a super easy and realistic challenge for real people. Who may not have time/money to go to the gym in between working and raising a family. People who may not want fucking zucchini “spaghetti” or depriving themselves of certain foods. I’m not here to tell you to go spend $300 at Whole Foods and do 300 burpees a day. I hate burpees.

What I am here to do, is to gently ease you into a healthier lifestyle. I don’t deprive myself of things that I want, I just don’t eat them as often and when I do; I don’t overindulge. That’s really it. Monday thru Friday, I work out and eat healthy, and I go about my business. I also wanted to start this challenge because I was tired of my friends and I complaining about our bodies in dressing rooms of stores not made for us anyways. It’s time to hold each other accountable, and we have enough time for all of us to get fine.

Join my challenge, change your lifestyle in 6 weeks. It only takes 3 weeks to form new habits so imagine how lit you’ll be in 6! Email me who you are (social media handle) and why you want to join my challenge and what your goal is to

Do whatever workouts you’re comfortable with already and then just add a little more every week. If you’re a runner, shoot for the goddamn moon. I am NOT a runner, so the stairs are my friend. And you can work out at home if you’re like me and hate the gym. Just look up some home exercises and make a habit to do them consistently. My consistent may not look like yours, I aim for 5 days a week. You might only want to do 3, or you might do 7. Whatever floats your boat, just don’t overdo it and remember to stretch and drink a lot of water.


white bread/potatoes/rice/sugar/pasta

dairy (except cheese cuz cheese is life) but try to limit your dairy intake. Use soy/nut milk for your smoothies, etc. and eat greek yogurt instead of regular.

fast food (even certain salads ex: Zaxby’s salad has mad calories. Like 750. And the Texas toast is the devil.)

junk food (chips, sweets, etc.)

-fried food


When you do indulge during your cheat meals, don’t OD. If you’re craving fried chicken, don’t have a 10 piece with fries and shit. Eat half, and a salad or fresh vegetables. Also try to keep your cheating to a minimum, probably the weekends would be best but still try to keep close to your goal. You can still enjoy brunch with your friends, just make better choices the rest of the day.


-a powerful blender for your smoothies. I freeze my produce after I divide it up and put it into ziplock bags. Produce goes bad quick as shit and I don’t have money to run to the store every 4 days, so I lay everything out on my counter, and divide it into about 18-20 smoothie sizes. It also helps that these things are kept frozen because you don’t have to water down your smoothie with ice. If you want to know what I put in my smoothies, put that in your email and I’ll tell you. I’ve finally found the perfect combo and I stay full until lunchtime.

1ByOne smart scale and smartphone app. This scale records your weight, BMI, visceral fat, and whatever else you want it to. You’ll need to record your starting weight via an app to enter the challenge with a timestamp, as well as your end weight to win the challenge.

Medicine Ball/resistance bands, for those at-home workouts. Mostly I’ll be doing stuff with my own body weight, you know, jail workouts lol. But I hate the gym and I can stick to a better routine at home.

-to drink at least a gallon of water a day. This will help flush out toxins from the shitty food you used to eat and a million other things. Some people buy a gallon and carry it around like a football player, other people polish off cases of bottled water (me) whatever works. Just drink water throughout the day, but stop a few hours before you go to sleep.

You might want to add a supplement to your routine, like garcinia-cambogia or CLA. Just read labels and make sure what you’re taking is safe, and healthy.

There will be weekly videos on my youtube channel and snapchat so make sure you’re following both. Also, motivational pieces on my IG. At the end of the challenge, there will be prizes for the 1st 2nd and 3rd winners. I cannot win of course, but you guys can. Take my money.


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