Why I’m Back In School 10 Years Later

In Billy Madison, Adam Sandler went back to school as a grown ass man to prove to his rich father that he was capable of running the family business. I don’t have a rich father, so obviously this shit is real.

I tried college in 2007, when I came to Atlanta after deciding hair school in Charlotte NC wasn’t for me. I was following my grandmother’s passion, not my own. She had gone to barber school and done hair for 40 years, and I spent many a weekend in the salon with her; mixing colors, taking out rollers, shampooing, sweeping, whatever. I was so enthralled, watching her work and she truly loved the craft. I assumed my talent was the same thing as my purpose and passion, so I said “that’s what I’ma do too!” Wrong. I ended up in Atlanta after my mother revealed her pregnancy, I honestly wonder how my life would be if I never came here but I’ve met some amazing people and had some great memories so I wouldn’t trade the experience. With nothing to really do and not knowing anyone outside of family here, my grandmother drilled college in my head. So I went, I enjoyed it but I was just going to have something to do and make friends. I dropped out within my first year.

Fast forward to 2017. I’m paying back student loans that I wouldn’t even have if I had just waited and lived life a little more and taken my time. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts The FriendZone and they were saying you really shouldn’t go to college until you’re at least 25, you should figure out who you are first and live life before making that commitment. And I agree wholeheartedly because at 28, I’ve gone through enough life to know exactly who I want to be and where I want to go. I didn’t consult with my friends and family before applying for financial aid and college all over again and I couldn’t help this sense of pride that came over me. I was doing this for me, for once. And it feels like just the right time. I’m not a naive teenager trying to be in the mix every weekend, I’m an adult with real life responsibilities who can actually sit still and get shit done now.

Attending an online university vs a traditional college was the best decision for me. Physically, it saves me time and I can work the way I need to and check in once a week for my assignments. It also saves the anxiety of being the oldest freshmen in the classroom and just feeling out of touch with students 10 years younger than me. If you’re like me, old as fuck lol, and wanting to further your education; do it. But do it for yourself, not even your children. It has to be for you or you won’t stick with it. I’ll update on my progress, class starts on July 18th and I’m so anxious and excited. There’s so many new things in my life right now, I also want to let you all in on another development. Watch this video and if any of you have any advice or support, please reach out. I do appreciate all the emails and DM’s I get almost daily from you guys.



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