Who Is J Fab?

Jamariah, the creator of LoveJfab, is a writer at heart. Her passion and natural talent kicked in when she was 8 years old, winning her awards throughout her high school years. Aside from writing, she discovered she was a natural at hair & makeup, and loved styling her friends IMG_7725every time they were getting ready to go out. She had an eye for it and often took the simple things and turned them into unique looks. But Jamariah didn’t want to limit her talents, and she couldn’t decide what to study in college. Journalism, mass communication, cosmetology, fashion design… It all seemed like a waste of time and money. To go to school for something she was already good at, and celebrity stylist Olori Swank told her once, “you can’t go to school for something that God gives you as a talent.”

What brought about the blog? It started with a tumblr. A simple, free, easy to design platform where she could be heard. She didn’t want just another celebrity gossip blog. But a mixture. Not so much gossip, but positive information after people’s favorite people. Thrown in with beauty tips, fashion and styling advice, local news and personal testimonies.

Her dream is to be her daughter’s biggest hero and to be an all-around media maven. To teach brown girls that they’re beautiful, something Jamariah didn’t believe until adulthood. A suburban girl with city dreams, her obsession with Paris came from studying French all throughout high school, and it’s the place she hopes to live one day. When she’s finally made it. When everyone knows and loves, J Fab 🙂




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